When Should You Sealcoat or Repave Your Driveway?

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 4.10.48 PMYou might notice your business’s parking lot is looking a little lackluster, but how do you know when exactly it’s due for a makeover? Of course, you want your property looking great for your customers and clients, but it can be hard to keep up with the maintenance all on your own – that’s why All Out is here to help!

All Out is a Chester County commercial asphalt company that knows sealcoating inside and out. We use a 7-Step Process that serves as blueprint for our success in maintaining and beautifying your property. There is no wasting of time, we know exactly what needs to be done and provide you with the options at the best price.

As your go-to commercial asphalt company in Chester County, All Out has laid out a few tips that will show you how to tell if your property’s parking lot is in need of a renovation.

  • Look for “Alligator Cracks.” If the pavement is starting to look severely rutted and cracked (like the skin of an alligator) then it’s time for new asphalt. This type of damage is too severe to simply be filled in, which is why it’ll require total repaving.
  • If your driveway has been sealed too much over the years, it can cause this “alligatoring” effect. Cracks large enough for you to fit a butter knife into are a sign the lot needs to be repaved.
  • Are potholes littering your parking lot? Repaving may be necessary.
  • Basic discoloration, fading and minor cracks don’t call for a total repaving. Usually in this case, your lot will only need sealcoating.
  • Sealer should be applied every two to three years. Has it been that long? If so, you may want to call your #1 commercial asphalt company in Chester County to get your lot touched up!

When you choose All Out for your sealcoating or repaving, we’ll provide excellent workmanship, as well as videos throughout our entire process. This promotes accountability on all ends. We have set the bar with our technological ability to effectively communicate with our clients!

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If you need asphalt repair, choose All Out, the commercial asphalt company in Chester County that guarantees the best options. We won’t just eyeball it. We’ll shoot a video of your parking lot and do our research. We’ll make sure you receive the best solution for the best price. For asphalt repair, certain variables apply such as location, size, etc., but the price can range anywhere from $2-6 per square foot, depending on how severe the damage is. Find out what services will be right for your property by calling All Out today at 484-454-3555!