Asphalt Roller Operator

• Responsible for operating compaction equipment including vibratory compaction rollers, single drum rollers, and vibratory plates.
• Inspect, clean, maintain, and make minor equipment repairs or report malfunctions to Maintenance.
• Monitor asphalt temperatures and vibration usage for proper breakdown and finish rolling of asphalt.
• Observe distribution of paving material to adjust machine settings or material flow, and indicate low spots for workers to add material.
• Assist with laboring duties when needed


• High school diploma or GED or equivalent technical training and related experience preferred
• Must have basic knowledge of proper operating procedures of multiple types of equipment
• Must be able to apply and retain information
• Able and willing to work outdoors in extreme heat and cold.
• Must have a valid driver’s license
• At least 2 years of previous finish asphalt rolling experience is required.

Candidate Application Questions

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